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Informamos que a promoção da…

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Informamos que a promoção da estátua do Yoda terminou. Pois a última peça foi vendida. Amanhã teremos outra promoção relampago! Abs

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  1. Do liberals believe this? I have hung out with an awful lot of people who self-identify as liberal, and while I dont self-identify this way, many people who self-identify as conservative have been eager to identify me as liberal. Yet I dont know anyone who doesnt want the government running criminal justice or military matters. This isnt to say that there isnt criticism of the governments specific conduct in these spheres, but that is an entirely different discussion. The common liberal critique is of letting *corporations* run the show in these areas. Not that this is a peculiarly liberal critique, unless you want to classify Eisenhower and a lefty. Some have done this, but only at the risk of having people point at them and laugh.

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